The Dowsey Legacy

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Welcome! June 17, 2009

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Welcome to my Sims Legacy challenge blog!

I have been a fan of the sim’s games for about 6 years now, and recently heard about a challange that many simmers do, obviously called, The Legacy Challenge. You can also find more information about the sims 3 version, found here.

The legacy challenge is about starting off with a single sim, and working your way to the 10th generation, with no cheats. You start off with the very basics of things too, in the TS3 you will have less then $2000 to start off with after buying an empty lot.

I have chosen to begin my legacy with Elsa Dowsey, whom I created after one of my TS2 sims also by the same name.

Her traits are; Loves The Outdoors, Hopeless Romantic, Family-Oriented, Kleptomaniac and Friendly.

I will be posting accounts about her life, and the rest of the generations, here as they go on. They will ofcourse be in a story format, but I will attempt to play them out as they did in the game.

So stay tuned for the Dowsey Legacy!

~Bethany AKA Bethekins

NOTE: I’m not doing this for points, or following all the rules to a T, I’m doing this for fun. I don’t use any cheats (apart from moveobjects >_<), and the only mods I use are awesomemod and appearnce mods (skin overlays, tattoo’s, camera mods, things like that). I have story progression on and free-will up to the max. 70% of the time I just let them go about what they do best, and play the camera-woman. I do however, compress the stories so that it cuts out all the boring bits, because noone wants to hear about how much they are sleeping or eating 😛

Click here to go to the start. Chapter One: New Beginnings. Old Habits.


Dowesey-Legacy Canceled. November 19, 2009

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For some reason. My one and only saved file of the Dowsey legacy has been deleted.. just up and vanished. So. I am sick of it. SO I’m no longer working on the Dowsey’s, instead, I am going to start over, new family. I will post a gallery of photo’s that never got into the game, from both of them. And give a short rundown of what had happened in them pre-death of the files (one corupt, other vanished) so this means you will get to see Joss’ kid and wife, Kaywinnit and her twins, as well as Triana’s brood. I will do this tomorrow some time.

I am going to start a new legacy, I will post a link here once I get it up and running, and you know, play it a bit and make sure it doesnt DIE this time ! *shakes fist*


Chapter 12: What a week. November 18, 2009

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So far so.. well, okay, life on your own isn’t as easy as it seems, but that hasn’t seemed to slow Triana down at all in her new life. We last left her just after she landed herself a low paying, nasty job. Organ Donor, and today is her first day, and the welcome was less then encouraging.. Screenshot-16


Why does this shit happen to me -.- October 29, 2009

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Okay, so, recently uploaded the next installment of the legacy, BUT, then my BRAND NEW freaking comp decided to die, its either the motherboard or ram that has up and died on me, not sure, so i have to send my comp to get repaired, which means i’ll probably loose all my sims stuff from saved games to content. which bugs me. so very much. As soon as it gets back from the shop I’ll post and update on the situation, If its all … fuxed. I dunno. I’ll. just scream. meh.


Chapter 11: A Fresh Start. October 13, 2009

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Triana Dowsey, the new heiress. It didn’t come to her as much of a shock when Elsa told her the good news that she would be carrying on the bloodline. Upon hearing the news, she soon left the family home, wanting to start her new life in the same way as her mother did. So, once again. We begin anew.



New Legacy September 4, 2009

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Okay, so Ive taken a break from sims, cleared my mind, and forgiven the game for distroying my legacy. So, I will now be working on a new legacy starting with Triana, I was going to start it in riverview, but after playing a little there, it seemed a bit boring, and there wasnt many places to hang out, the main park is soo small. So I will be starting over again in Sunset vally, but I wont include any of the other family members, as it may get a bit weird. So basically this is a whole new legacy, I’ll be using Triana as the founder, so the new chapter will be up in like, a week. Hope you all enjoy it once its up. And this time, I am running a few more mods that will make the game a bit more interesting, such as an autonomos woohoo/try for baby mod, which doesnt require my prompting for the sims to get busy, so I’ll be even more of just a camera person. Heres hoping sims doesnt shit itself!


Bad news :( August 16, 2009

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Okay, so I went to play my legacy to get a few more screen shots (as some of the ones I was going to use were glitched, and double imaged) So I finally got a break and sat down to play, and there was a patch, so sure, no problem there, got it, and then went and played like I usually did. about half an hour I was starting to get tired so I tried to save.. error 13. Went and looked up what it ment, and possible solutions, none of which worked for me, little bit peeved, I closed down my game and re booted it up, tried to save again.. error 13. I cleaned out my mod’s pack thinking that this may be the cause, went back in, re loaded, saved, error 13. I was getting pretty flustered at this point and swearing blindly at the screen. I took a breath, uninstalled the game, re installed it with no patches, thinking that this, could be the problem, no mods, no patches, got into the game, and yet still getting error 13. Sadly, my legacy is pretty much unable to continue, as I cannot save any progress I make. I thought of maybe saving them to the bin and just starting over in the town, but I then realised that everyone would be back to their original age (like Mortamier, Gage, Hank ect) which would kinda screw with the story.. I cussed and screamed and threw a good old hissy fit. Messaged the EA team, but of course they were fantastic at giving no help.. Im so pissed, I really am… Whats more is I wrote the story on a trial version of word, which is now locked, and I cannot access the files even to open it on another comp >_< so Im pretty much screwed over. I dont know if I'll start another legacy anew, or maybe take Triana and put her into riverview to start a new life and continue on from the story there. I just dont know, I pretty much dont want to look at my sims game at the moment. Im so freakin crazy mad..


Damn my internet! July 25, 2009

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Further problems with posting the next chapter.
My download limit for the month has been exceeded so I’m unable to upload any screenshots for the next chapter, but I have written it up, so as soon as its the 1st again it will be posted! Sorry for the long wait TT~TT